Ventex tessuti a stock sas
Address: via Montalese, 449/1, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) +39 0574 1666380. FAX: (+39) +39 0574 1666375.
Ventex is a young company which has a long experience in the prato textile. in his new # warehouse which is about 2000 meters square, you can find a variety of quality and quantity of each kind of fabric, like wools, cottons, linen, viscose, clothing fabrics and accessories. our company has a good...
Address: Via dei Palli, 8 a/5, , 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 338 3247198. FAX: (+39) 0574 8945201.
We sell qualified fabrics on stock for clothing.
in our 1.000 sq.meters warehouse we have a wide assortment of fashioned fabrics (silk, beaded and embroidered fabrics, lace, taffeta, prints on cotton/viscose/polyester, cashmere, "lana cotta", mohair, knitted fabrics in jacquard/uni, velvet, imita...
KM Tessuto a Stock
Address: Via Michelangelo 6, Montemurlo 59013, Prato (Po) Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 752932 FAX: (+39) 0574 653181
KM Tessuto a Stock is a fabrics market leader in Prato and Italy with a wide experience in the wholesale sector gained during several years of business and growth, the KM has a great...
Euro-Tex srl
Address: Via levi, 18, casale, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) +39 0574 662807. FAX: (+39) +39 0574 662 817.
Producing and wholesaling of most popular knitted fabrics, fashion fabrics, printed fabrics, woven natural fibre and synthetic fibre...
Eurostock srl
Address: Via vivaldi antonio, 110, san paolo, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 606051. FAX: (+39) 0574 606051.
Eurostock is a high qualified company that since 1986, deals with the trading and export of fashion fabrics and whole stocks in italy and overseas as well. with it’s large warehouse of about 1500 square meters, in which are exposed a multiplicity of quality and quantity of most requested made in it...
Fabric House S.r.l. Unipersonale
Address:Via Lungo il Ficarello N. 6, Narnali, 59100 , Prato (Po) Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 871610. FAX: (+39) 0574 668224.
Established in 2003, Fabric House is a B2B wholesaler in apparel and fashion textiles. Exclusive offer of high quality stock fabrics: cashmere, wool, silks, cottons, linen, jerseys etc. (over 10.000 articles)....
Gieffe Tessuti srl
Address: via. delle badie 7/a, cafaggio, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) +39 0574 632636. FAX: (+39) +39 0574 632636.
Stock fabrics, silk (printed and jacquard), brocades (viscose, wool), also wool mohair, embroidered, printed viscose fabrics devore, jacquard, linen, cotton, dyed fabrics, knitted fabrics....
Tessuti Glamour florence
Address: Via Dei Palli n.9, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) +39 329 2070980
Our companies activity is concentrated in the wholesale trade of the following articles:
* clothing stock fabrics: of good quality which follows the fashion year after year
* branded clothes stock : fashion articles, exlarge sizes, articles for young and old people
* branded bags st...
Address: Via dei tintori 3, montemurlo, 59013 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 652481. FAX: (+39) 0574 721950.
Fabrics for sport and fashion...
La Dogaia di sarti monica meri & c sas
Address: Via montalese, 457, maleseti, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 652303. FAX: (+39) 0574 652303.
La dogaia is a wholesale fabrics specialized company with over than 20 years of experience in the apparel and fashion fabrics market . the company has a young and dynamic character and stands on the market for exceptional value for price-quality of the products it distributes....
New stock srl
Address: Via galcianese, 85, galciana, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 605965. FAX: (+39) 0574 605965.
The new stock is a young and lively company that, also having roots in ancient traditions textile of prato, looks in the futur with the curiosity and enthusiasm from who wants to reach always new goals. for this reason at the new stock the buying and the selling wholesale of fabrics at stock is a...
Rosati s.p.a.
Address: Via pistoiese, 367, narnali, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 6094. FAX: (+39) 0574 609353.
Our company is fruit of 80 years of experience of the rosati family in textile production, this experience in the years has been enriched with traditions, evolving continuously to face the market with up-to-date solutions and products. piero rosati and his son francesco guide from 1997 an efficient...
Sara ingrosso
Address: Via giovacchino rossini, 46, san paolo, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 21805. FAX: (+39) 0574 484765 .
Sara is a fabric wholesaler for woman and man clothing. the company was set up in 1993, in tuscany, exactly in prato, one of the most famous textile distric. our company, sara s.n.c, is based on deep knowledge and high experience of many different fabrics, which we propose to our customers. the val...
Sharktex srl
Address: Via traversa del crocifisso, 61, tavola, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 624462 . FAX: (+39) 0574 667095 .
We started working in the field of representations since 1988 as a modern agency brokerage textile fabrics, knitwear and garment products from our representatives in china, korea and india. our skilled staff sited in our offices in many countries with whom we work can provides hight professional ass...
Tatti tessuti
Address: Via quarto dei mille 10 / 11, , 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) +39 0574 24139. FAX: (+39) +39 0574 32155 .
The company tatti mario was founded in 1954 for trade in textile materials basing its activities on that area of prato which is the most important italian textile city, the importation of used clothing from around the world, particularly from the united states it then sorting, processing and finally...
Tex Ingro s.r.l
Address: Via galvani luigi, 17, cafaggio, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) +39 0574 584827. FAX: (+39) +39 0574 511671 .
The origins of tex ingro date back long before its establishment in february of 1998.the company is based on the profound experience and extensive knowledge it has gained by being a leading company in the textile industry for more than 30 years.our main activity is the trade of fashion fabrics in it...
Di biase luciano
Address: via. lanaioli, 11, vaiano, 59021 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 988890. FAX: (+39) 0574 988890.
Wholesale and retail for high quality clothing/knitted fabrics at very attractive and interesting prices. furnishing fabrics, household linen, fabrics for bags, shoes, fur, faux leather. knitting yarn, gray fabrics, buttons, zipper accessories, trimming, packaging equipment. in our store you can c...
Lanificio corti marcello srl
Address: via. botticelli sandro, 81/83, , 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 574531. FAX: (+39) 0574 571874.
Woolen fabric, jacquard, printed yarn, bouclé, patterned fabrics, stretch fabrics, wool fabrics, mixed fabrics...
Lanificio di seano
Address: Via fonda di mezzana, 61/10, paperino, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 574295. FAX: (+39) 0574 574297.
Producing and selling apparel fabrics...
Lanificio di vaiano
Address: Via di sofignano, 4/c, vaiano, 59021 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 987137. FAX: (+39) 0574 987255.
Producing and selling apparel/fashion fabrics...
Lanificio fedora spa
Address: via. albano laziale 37/43, paperino, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 51971. FAX: (+39) 0574 634658.
Fashion fabrics, wool, linen, stretch yarn and wool yarn, cotton and wool fabrics for technical and industrial...
Lanificio lerien s.p.a
Address: Via dell'industria, 40, montemurlo, 59013 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 652113. FAX: (+39) 0574 650219.
Fabrics production and wholesale ...
Lanificio vasco nannicini s.n.c
Address: Via trieste, 10, , 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 27947. FAX: (+39) 0574 27947.
Wholesale of fabrics for leather goods and footwear, viscose, cotton, polyester, nylon. latex coating, laminating and moltopren....
Manifattura tessile fralpi srl
Address: Via giuseppe di vittorio, 52, montemurlo, 59013 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 653363. FAX: (+39) 0574 653364.
The textile manufacturing fralpi s.r.l. company was founded in 1991 and it's specialized in fancy apparel fabrics production....
Migotex srl
Address: Via frediani francesco, 45/A, , 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 662600. FAX: (+39) 0574 662600.
Jacquards and traditional high fantasy fabrics production...
New jersey mode srl
Address: Via val d'aosta n.38, iolo, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 628112. FAX: (+39) 0574 628112.
New jersey mode started trading back in 1990. through its owners and directors the company has got a good experience and understanding of the entire textile and jersey sector. thanks to a young, dynamic, and flexible structure the company can design, produce, and follow up its clients' collections f...
Stemafil Tessuti
Address: Via di Mezzo, 21, Vergaio 59100, Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 810550. FAX: (+39) 0574 810550.
Stemafil tissue is a young and dynamic company. We sell fabrics in stock, qualified and high fashion. Silk (satin, jacquard and printed), mohair wool, viscose printed fabrics, devorè, linen, cotton fabrics...
O.B stock di orlandini o. e bernocchi l. s.a.s
Address: Via di san giusto, 10, san giusto, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 606364. FAX: (+39) 0574 604514.
The store of the ob.stock is about 4300 mq of warehouse, it has got availability of a large variety of cloths and it lets to satisfy its vast clientele. ob.stock has many kinds of fibres: wools ,cottons, viscose, poliestere, silk, nylon, flax. ...
Pantex srl
Address: Via di sofignano, 6/6A, vaiano, 59021 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 987336 . FAX: (+39) 0574 987338 .
Grounded in 1988, starts production in the following year; a story which is no different from many others “pratese” companies: a mall, aggressive unit, composed by a technician, a salesman, a girl who takes care of the sample department….a collaboration with local weavers and finishers for the produ...
Address: Via sant'antonio, 40, , 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0574 25591. FAX: (+39) 0574 25033.
Fabrics wholesale and trading...
Address: Via albert bruce sabin, 11/3 , paperino, 59100 , Prato (Po) - Italy
Telephone: (+39) +39 0574 623323 . FAX: (+39) +39 0574 621607 .
Unitess offers an extensive supply of fashion print covering a full assortment of fabrics. up to date and ready made collections. print fabrics mainly for man’s and woman’s outerwear.
1. blouses
2. shirts
3. dresses
4. skirts
5. and their combinations
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