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KM Tessuto a Stock is a fabrics market leader in Prato, Italy with a wide experience in the wholesale sector gained during several years of business and growth, the KM has a great selection of high and medium quality products with good and interesting prices for kg and meter including assistance and advice for trading and shipment to eastern Europe and northern Africa countries.
Chiffon, Cotton Fabric, Damask, Plush, Lining, Gabardine, Georgette, Gobelin, Denim Jeans, Jersey, Wool, Flax, Lycra, Organza, Ecologic Fur, Lace, Polyester, Satin, Silk, Taffeta, Velvet, Velour, Viscose
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Via Michelangelo 6, Montemurlo 59013, Prato (Po), Italy
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(+39) 0574 ---
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(+39) 0574 653181
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Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa is a Free Textile Web Directory which provides assistance and help finding Fabric stock lots and wholesalers in Prato city (PO - Tuscany - Italy) also known as the cradle of Fabrics industry. Using online services, in few clicks, you can come into direct contact with a vast list of wholesalers which provides the most requested type of tissue such as knitted fabric, Chiffon, Cotton Fabric, Cretonne, Crinoline, Damask, Plush, Felt, Lining, Moleskin, Gabardine, Georgette, Goblin, Denim Jeans, Jersey, Jute, Wool, Flax, Lycra, Organza, Oxford, Ecologic Fur, Fleece, Lace, Polyester, Poplin, Satin, Silk, Terry, Taffeta, Tulle, Velvet, Velour, Viscose at a very affordable prices. © Online Catalogue of Textiles, Weaving, Fabrics Wholesale and stocks in Prato, Tuscany, Italy (Prato, Tuscany, Italy).
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